21 de julio de 2013

Call me a dog - Chris Cornell (unplugged) 

You call me a dog, well that's fair enough 'cause it ain't no use to pretend you're wrong. When you call me out I can't hide anymore, I have no disguise you can't see through. Well you say it's bad luck to have fallen for me. Well, what can I say to make it good for you? You wore me out like an old winter coat, trying to be safe from the cold. But when it's my time to throw the next stone, I'll call you beautiful if I call at all. You tell me I'm low 'cause I've slept on the floor, and out in the woods with the badgers and wolves. You threw me out 'cause I went digging for gold and I came home with a handful of coal. But when it's my time to throw the next stone I'll call you beautiful if I call at all. And when it's my time to call your bluff, I'll call you beautiful or leave it alone. You call me a dog, well that's fair enough. It doesn't bother me as long as you know that bad luck will follow you if you keep me on a leash and you drag me along.
(Nota mental: Cuando esté cansada de vos, enojada con vos, harta de vos, cuando quiera pegarte, gritarte para que me escuches, cuando todo se desgaste, cuando no me queden fuerzas para seguir, cuando vea sólo lo malo que pasa entre nosotros, cuando sienta que no da para más, cuando me den ganas de llorar por la cotidianidad, cuando se me cierre la garganta con un nudo, debo escuchar esta canción.)

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